(Scroll thru thumbnails and click to see a current photo...)

It's hard to believe that our class could look better than we did back in the day, but here's the proof!

Just in case you might not have seen one or two of your classmates since we graduated, here's a few current photos. Scroll thru the yearbook photos - you might be surprised at how good we all look today....

If you would like to help complete the collection, send an image of a recent photo to Vince, and we'll take care of the rest. If you send an actual photo, we can scan it and send it back.


    Tony Alessi

    George Armbruster

    Bob Bennett

    Roger Bernhammer

    Bob Blihar

    Ed Bradley

    Walt Braun

    Tom Brescia

    Frank Brzenk

    Eddie Burke

    Phil Campana

    Richard Campian

    Ed Ciliberti

    Dave Connolly

    Rich Cosgrove

    Mike Curtin

    Ralph DeSevo

    Chas DeSantis

    Peter Donnelly

    Gerry Drummond

    Brian Dugan

    Jack Fahy

    Mike Feehan

    Bob Filoramo

    Bud Foullois

    Nelson Fullam

    Mike Galvin
    Rich Gaven

    Jack Gavin

    Frank Geremia

    Mike Grabler

    Vince Grillo

    Bob Hanlon

    Ed Hannon

    Jim Heaney

    George Hicks

    Mike Joyce

    Bill Kretzer

    Les Lewandowski

    Gerry Magliano

    Dick McConville

    Walt McInerney

    Don McLaughlin

    Tony Montone

    Bill Morrissy

    Tony Neusch

    Randy Orlowski

    Bob Pipchick

    Roi Plasse

    Tom Reilly

    John Ricci

    Bill Sadlack

    Bill Schilp

    Bill Shalhoub

    Norm Sippel

    Bill Turnier

    Bill Verdon

    Ed Wilczynski

    Art Weyman

    Bill Wittman

    John Zamarra