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Not every memory from our days at SPP is of a great event, and a lot of them are the many little things that happened every day which somehow stuck in our memory over the years. Bob Bennett offered an initial list of Prep Puzzlers. If you think you know the answer, send Vince an email, and we will post the first correct answer here.

You can submit a Prep Puzzler here, and we'll post it.
(Don't forget to send along the answer!).   Have fun!

Whose intimidating request was
 "Step outside, Mr. Fullam"?

Name two of the Jug encyclicals

Who was Fr. Murray's assistant?

Who/what was "Terrible Tessie"?

Who said "Shut up, sit down, stand up,
and say your prayers?"

What teacher had a class motto: Age Remo!
And what does it mean?